Through the Potvin Family Foundation, Denis Potvin, the National Hockey League Hall of Fame defenseman and four-time Stanley Cup champion, is committed to promoting a HEAD SMART© approach to youth sports.

NHL Hall of Famer and four-time Stanley Cup champion, Denis Potvin is committed to shining a spotlight on and delivering resources to organizations dedicated to providing a “head smart” environment for youth sports.

The Potvin Family Foundation is committed to educating parents, youth coaches and administrators to help create “head smart” environments for children.

The Potvin Family Foundation supports the need to increase funding for research and technological advancements to lower the risks of long-term damage following a brain injury.

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There are health and safety concerns associated with sports and all physical activity, that’s why kids must learn to play “head smart.”


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Be “Head Smart”

Our goal is to educate and assist families while funding research and new technology enabling a clear view of brain activity for effective concussion diagnosis and treatment in children


Community awareness programs to broaden outreach and impact


Education for families to enable parents to make safe choices to prevent injuries and increase the success rate of recoveries

Research and Technology

Research towards innovation and technology to properly assess childrens brains

Youth Sports Advocacy

Sports play an important role in the development of children and we advocate for continued participation and return to play while being “Head Smart”

Get “Head Smart”


  1. Children are more susceptible to concussions than adults.

  2. Concussions can occur in many ways, including, but not limited to, falls (the leading cause), sports and recreation (just 30% of concussions occur this way), motor vehicle accidents, assault or abuse.

  3. Don’t take anything for granted!  Be aware of these concussion symptoms: acting confused; dizziness; feeling drowsy; headache; memory loss; vomiting; difficulty walking; loss of consciousness.  And remember, ALWAYS seek medical attention when there’s reason for concern.

  4. Traumatic brain injuries can cause a wide range of functional changes affecting thinking, language, learning, emotions, behavior, and/or sensation.

  5.  15% of people with a mild brain injury have symptoms that last one year or more.

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Our History

Founded in 2017, the Potvin Foundation fills a critical need in support of concussion prevention and recovery for children by driving awareness, education, research and technology, and advocacy through the “Head Smart” youth sports movement.